Friday, August 27, 2010


Well thank goodness it's Friday! It's really been an loooooong week. What with my big dog coming home from the hospital after his knee surgery (TTO operation where they split the bone and put pins and plates in) and trying to keem him quiet and immobolised and keep the other dog from jumping all over him and knocking him over, and all the dogs in neighbourhood going dilly every night this week because of the full moon... I'm really tired!! Its off to Club Duvet with DJ Pillow early for me tonight. LOL!
I'm going to be really busy this weekend.. got Sept birthday cards for the RSA group to make, got Sping Artistic Envelopes to make as well as Pink ATC's for Debbie Harris's swap. Definitely be kept out of mischief with that lot! Before I head off, this is a card I made for the Card Front swap that was hosted by another RSA group member, Kathy Pitot. We decided to save paper and only make up the card fronts, which we then bind into a file or folder and use for inspiration when the muse is away with the fairies.
Have a fabaliss weekend everyone....

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